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支承滚轮(支承滚轮轴承,滚轮轴承,滚轮滚针轴承)是由厚壁外圈和其他轴承元件youyou优游登陆平台youyou优游登陆平台的轴承单元,  利用厚壁外圈,滚轮可以直接在滚道上滚动,  因此该类轴承可以承受大的负荷,由于其结构紧凑多样、旋转精度高、品种繁多、适应性广、易于安youyou优游登陆平台,支承滚轮轴承广泛用于机床、冶金机械、纺织机械、印刷机械等机械设备和加youyou优游登陆平台流水线设备。支承滚轮按用途可以分为压力滚轮、偏心滚轮、摇杆滚轮。

Yoke type track rollers is assembled with thick-walled outer ring and other bearing component. The roller can roll directly at the rollway and withstand large load by its thick-walled. This kind of bearing is widely used in metallurgical machinery, textile machine, printing machine, and processing line equipment, etc.


● 承受重负荷;

● 转速低精度高;

● 口结构多样,但一般内外圈不可分离,安youyou优游登陆平台简易。

Main characteristic

● Low height of cross sction, large capacity

● Compact and different structure

● Flexible fit

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