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推力滚针轴承和推力滚子轴承(俗称平面轴承或者平面滚针轴承)是由一个推力保持架与滚针或圆柱滚子加推力垫圈youyou优游登陆平台youyou优游登陆平台,主要承受轴向力的轴承, 推力滚针轴承和推力滚子轴承youyou优游登陆平台件可单独使用,也可配合垫圈使用,结构多样,具youyou优游登陆平台高承载能力和高刚度,广泛用干汽车、机床、冶金机械、纺织机械、电动机、传动轴、齿轮箱等机械设备的定位和支承处。

Thrust needle roller bearing and thrust roller bearing mainly carry axial force, assemble with thrust cage, needle roller or roller and washer. Thrust bearing can be used separately and can be used with washer also. It has high load and high rigidness. Widely used in automobile, metallurgical machinery, textile machine, electric motor, transmission shaft and gear box, etc.


● 承受单向轴向负荷,起到止推作用;

● 轴向断面高度小, 节省安youyou优游登陆平台youyou优游登陆平台间;

● 轴向精度高。

Main characteristic

● Carry one way axial load

● Low height of axial cross section, save space in assemble

● High precision in axial

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